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    • 33 COLONIAL DR HAVERTOWN, PA 33 COLONIAL DR, HAVERTOWN, PA Single Family | Detached for sale. $370,000 
    • 5 BRANDYWINE DR GLENMOORE, PA 5 BRANDYWINE DR, GLENMOORE, PA Single Family | Detached for sale. $350,000 
    • 40 LOUELLA CT #B1 WAYNE, PA 40 LOUELLA CT #B1, WAYNE, PA Condo/Townhome | Condo for sale. $850,000 Price reduced from $899,900 (-$49,900)
    • 121 BROOKE FARM RD WAYNE, PA 121 BROOKE FARM RD, WAYNE, PA Single Family | Detached for sale. $1,949,000 Price reduced from $1,999,000 (-$50,000)
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    City or Township Devon, PA
    Postal Code 19333, PA
    Neighborhood Neighborhood, Devon, PA
    School District School District, County, PA
    Listing Service Area Area, PA
    Address 123 Main St, Devon, PA
    Street Main St, Devon, PA
    Listing ID #123456
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    Before you purchase a new home it is always a good idea to research the schools in the surrounding area. The quality and/or proximity of the schools surrounding your home may significantly impact its resale value.

    Select a city to view a comprehensive list of all public and private schools that are available in the area.

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    City or Township Devon, PA
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    Here is a list of properties that I have sold.

    344 E SPRING AVE, ARDMORE, PA Single Family | Detached sold.
    Single Family | Detached
    4 Bd / 2/1 Ba
    2216 sqft,  3 Stories
    Listing #: 7176660
    Sold: 7/9/2018
    Represented: Seller
    1530 W MONTGOMERY AVE, VILLANOVA, PA Single Family | Detached sold.
    Single Family | Detached
    4 Bd / 4/1 Ba
    4242 sqft,  2 Stories
    Listing #: 7092359
    Sold: 5/15/2018
    Represented: Seller
    102 LOUELLA AVE #A1, WAYNE, PA Condo/Townhome | Condo sold.
    Condo/Townhome | Condo
    3 Bd / 3/0 Ba
    2271 sqft,  1 Stories
    Listing #: 7083175
    Sold: 3/9/2018
    Represented: Buyer
    250 BOOTH LN, HAVERFORD, PA Single Family | Detached sold.
    Single Family | Detached
    4 Bd / 4/2 Ba
    4705 sqft,  2 Stories
    Listing #: 7057745
    Sold: 12/20/2017
    Represented: Buyer
    1184 PRINCETON LN, WEST CHESTER, PA Condo/Townhome | Townhouse/Row sold.
    Condo/Townhome | Townhouse/Row
    2 Bd / 2/0 Ba
    1490 sqft,  1 Stories
    Listing #: 7012501
    Sold: 7/21/2017
    Represented: Buyer
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    • What factors should determine whether I decide to move or remodel?

      Your personal needs, preferences and finances are all factors. If you've lived in your home awhile and prefer to stay in your school district or neighborhood, improving your existing space may work best for you. If a second bathroom is what you desire, it may also be cheaper to convert existing space than to relocate to another home. According to the American Homeowner Foundation, you can expect to spend 8-10% of your current home's value when you move. Ask yourself if that money could be better spent on a remodeling project instead. Chances are you'd increase your home's value, derive more pleasure from your home than you did previously, and save yourself the time, expense and headache of a move.

    • Should I hire a professional or do the job myself?

      It depends on the complexity of the project and your ability to do the job well yourself. Really consider whether you have the time, skills, tools, help, and legal knowledge of local regulations to get the job done. While you could save up to an estimated 20% of the project cost doing the work yourself - there are plenty of how-to books and workshops offered by home improvement stores to guide you - be aware that you could also end up spending more money and time if you botch the job or unforeseen problems arise. Think, too, about resale value. If the quality of your work is less than professional, your home's value could drop. So, unless you're highly skilled or experienced, shy away from major home improvements that involve structural changes. Stick to building shelves, painting, and other minor improvements instead.

    • Who are the professionals that do home improvements?

      They vary depending on the size and scope of your job. General contractors are companies or individuals who contract with you to manage all aspects of the project, including hiring and supervising subcontractors, obtaining building permits, and supplying materials and labor equipment needed to do the project. Specialty contractors, on the other hand, are mainly concerned with installing products, such as cabinets and fixtures. Architects design homes, additions, and major renovations. And design/build contractors basically offer one-stop service, providing design and construction services and overseeing a project from start to finish.

    • Who should be called to the project first, the contractor or the architect?

      Opinions vary about which professional to call first. Some say the architect comes first because "you have to design it before you can build it." The architect, who is trained to resolve problems creatively, can help define the project in ways that provide meaningful guidance for the design. The architect can also do site studies, help secure planning and zoning approvals, and perform a variety of other pre-design tasks. On the other hand, a contractor will be the one you interact with on a regular basis and the person who will likely be in your home every day, possibly for an extended period depending on the scope of your work. Many contractors have in-house design services, or design/build firms, and can possibly offer better price and integration between design and implementation. Others may have several architects with whom they work directly, which could also provide a smooth integration between design and implementation.

    • What are the specific responsibilities of the contractor vs. the architect?

      Beyond having the architect create the design and the contractor implement it, both professionals have additional responsibilities. The contractor is responsible for pricing the project and ensuring that it is completed in a timely fashion. The architect is responsible for getting the construction drawing completed with proper specifications and architectural detail. Since many jurisdictions require architectural drawings to be reviewed to ensure the plans sufficiently meet local codes, the architect may also be responsible for applying for and securing the permits. Make sure that everyone, you included, understand who is responsible for what before work begins in your home.